An international team of Deutsche Bank volunteers supported the non-governmental organization Kinder im Zentrum Gallus

kiz, 11. März 2014

On February 25th, 2014 an international team of six Deutsche Bank volunteers supported the non-governmental organization Kinder im Zentrum Gallus e.V. / multi-generational centre which provides “services for excellence for every age”.

The multi-generational centre is located in a district called Gallus meeting the needs of one of the most diverse areas within Frankfurt. It is continuously striving for the main goal of educational promotion and equal opportunities. Some of the activities are learning groups and playgroups, homework coaching, family empowerment, empowerment regarding the transit from kindergarten to school or school towards labor market, cross-generational activities, midwife services as well as a family oriented restaurant.

The social day started at around 1 pm with lunch at the family restaurant, where the volunteers were introduced to the tasks which awaited them. Since the centre expands its activities, one small team had to help with the moving of furniture to new rooms within the building. As it was quite a lot of items to be moved, it was a real workout for the volunteers. The second group attached ceiling panels in one of the kindergarten rooms in order to minimize the children’s noise within the room. The panels were attached with lots of passion and precision by the team. The children were quite curious to see what happened to their play school room and were trying to sneak in. Due to the fact that the glue was not that easy to handle, the activity was conducted without the children. The remodeling of the room is a great benefit for the educationalists as well as for the children. Angus Fletcher, Head of GTB PTM Market Advocacy summed up the social day as follows: “We were eager to participate in an event that would help the relatively new team to work closely together and get to know each other better. I can say that the interaction at our dinner that evening demonstrated that we had achieved this! On top of this, in keeping with the values of DB, we wanted to provide some community give back, and again it would appear that we achieved this. It was a fun and enjoyable day.” His colleague Marko Niederheide added the following: “We very much appreciated the work the team of the Mehrgenerationenhaus are doing and wish them all the best for the future.”